the Market Value of Your Home

If you’re selling property in Ottawa, you need an appraisal to understand how much your home is worth. This will help you price your home to sell.

Normally, home appraisals are a time-consuming step that can chip away at your budget. That’s why Feely Homes Real Estate Team is pleased to offer free home appraisals to all of its clients! Save time and money with a free appraisal, and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

How it Works

In a home appraisal, it isn’t just your location that matters. Our trusted appraisal partners will visit your property and look at everything, from your home’s foundation to its roof.

A few things that can affect the value of your home include:

  • The number of similar properties on the market
  • The apparent age of the home–how old does it look?
  • Quality of finishes, fixtures, and other features
  • The floor plan and interior layout
  • Level of maintenance necessary
  • External features, such as fencing, garages, and pools
  • The home’s reputation on the market and in the neighbourhood


As leading Ottawa real estate agents, our appraisals take these factors and many more into account, so you get the best price for your property.