Insider Secrets in Ottawa Real Estate

Distress sales from foreclosures, relocations, divorce, or power-of-sale situations are great opportunities to get a fantastic deal on a home, but the trick is finding these deals as soon as they show up.

VIP distress and foreclosure sale lists are the best-kept secrets in the real estate world. At Feely Homes, we’re committed to getting you the best deal on your dream home. That’s why we’re offering our VIP clients access to our very own foreclosure and distress sale list, giving you the advantage when it comes to finding your dream home as soon as it’s available.

How it Works

It’s easy! When you sign up to our list, you get early and exclusive access to these amazing deals in the Ottawa real estate market. This means you can make an offer on your dream home before it even comes onto the market.

Simply fill out our form for a customized list of the properties you’re looking for, delivered straight to your inbox. We’ll send you a list of the latest properties, all before anyone else has a chance to see them!


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