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Meet The Feely Homes Team

Growing with the Ottawa Real Estate Market

Kevin Feely always felt something was missing from the Ottawa Real Estate market. That's why his passion and love for helping home buyers led him to create a team of like-minded, talented, and exceptional real estate agents. Buying a house or property for a business is so much more than finding the right number of rooms for the perfect price; you’re also buying a home, a place to grow. You’re investing in a lifestyle.

By joining forces, Kevin and his team hope to bridge the gap between purchasing property and investing in your future.

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The Feely Homes Difference

Ottawa’s Trusted REALTOR® Team

Our approach to buying a home starts with understanding its value beyond what the property is worth. It’s not just a financial transaction; you’re making a long-term emotional investment, too. We take an all-encompassing approach, because you aren’t just buying a property… you’re investing in a future.

Taking the Time to Do It Right

There’s so much to consider when choosing a home, after all. Do you need a home office? Are you starting a family? What sort of community do you want to live in?

We use these questions to make sure we’ve got the full picture of not just what you want out of a home, but what you need.

By asking these questions, we’re able to zero in on exactly the kind of properties you want to see before we’ve even shown you a single one.

Kevin Feely

Kevin Feely